Bespoke CPD Opportunities

Bespoke CPD

Bespoke CPD Opportunities


The Concordia Learning Alliance is dedicated to providing high quality professional development for all who work within the education sector, to promote and enhance learning opportunities and outcomes for all young people, offering excellent opportunities for career development and progression, by using the characteristics of outstanding education systems, encouraging peer led innovation and developing systems leaders.  

The Concordia Learning Alliance can offer something for everyone, looking to ‘catch colleagues in’ with a CPD menu that is all encompassing and inclusive; where opportunities exist to tailor career development specifically around individual passions, as well as school and team priorities, as opposed to what may best fit a budget or the CPD that could be sourced at the time.

Personality Profiling to Strengthen Your Team  
Personality Profiling is a tool to help you and your team understand yourself and those you work with better. More importantly, it can be used to develop and enhance you and your team’s emotional intelligence and work together more happily and effectively. 

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