National Professional Qualification for Leading Teaching


National Professional Qualification for Leading Teaching (NPQLT)

For teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading teaching in a subject, year group, key stage or phase.

The DfE NPQLT Framework can be found here.

Areas of Study

  • Effective teaching
  • School culture
  • Knowledge of how pupils learn
  • The development of subjects and curriculum design
  • Effective classroom practice
  • Adaptive teaching
  • Assessment
  • Professional development
  • Principles of implementation

Delivery Model

A flexible and accessible blended learning model combining in-person workshops, online seminars, webinars and a range of independently organised learning activities and peer networking.


Face to Face WorkshopsOpportunities to bring learning to life in your context, reflect with other professionals and benefit from expert facilitation.10.5hrs3hrs
WebinarsIn person facilitated online learning to complement in-school implementation and private study.9hrs3hrs
CoachingThe opportunity to unleash your strengths and engage in focussed professional dialogue about your development.4.5hrs1.5hrs
Multimedia ContentEngage with virtual learning aligned to your subject / phase / context allowing for increased specialisation in the content covered.6hrs2hrs
Self-Directed LearningEngage with a wide range of online content including the EEF evidence base materials.6hrs2hrs
Communities of PracticeEstablish and build a community of likeminded leaders serving in your locality as well as participating in regional and national groups where applicable.4.5hrs1.5hrs
Formative AssessmentOpportunities to work with your coach and other colleagues to reflect on the progress you make as you learn more and can do more as a result of your participation and engagement with the NPQ materials.4.5hrs2.5hrs
for Module 1
1hrs for
Modules 2 & 3
Application of LearningOpportunities to bring learning to life in your context, reflect with other professionals and benefit from expert facilitation.6hrs2hrs


Formative assessment takes place throughout the programme, helping you understand the progress you are making, and facilitators to adapt your learning experiences.

Summative assessment takes the form of a 1500-word response to a case study, completed in a single 8-day window at the end of your programme. The assessment will give you the opportunity to demonstrate how you would deploy the knowledge, skills and understanding gained through the NPQ to lead and implement a specific aspect of change.

Further information about assessment can be found here.


The taught elements of your NPQLT course will take place over a 12-month period. This will be followed by the completion of your summative assessment which must be submitted within an 8-day period following completion of your course. The whole of the assessment process including submission of your summative assessment, marking and moderation will take a total of 3 months.

If you join a November 2021 start cohort, the taught elements of your course will be complete by November 2022. Your assessment will start on 1 November 2022, be submitted on 8 November 2022 and the marking and moderation will be complete by February 2023.

If you join a February 2022 start cohort, the taught elements of your course will be complete by February 2023. Your assessment will start on 1 February 2023, be submitted on 8 February 2023, and the marking and moderation will be complete by May 2023.

Participant Expectations

That participants are teachers who will be able to meet all of the following criteria:

  • Active engagement in every aspect of the programme – face-to-face and online elements 
  • A commitment to accurate, evidence-informed self-evaluation and reflection                       
  • The ability to proactively arrange and participate in coaching sessions                                 
  • A commitment to submit a 1,500-word assessment within 8 calendar days of it being set at the end of the programme   
  • A commitment to thoughtfully engage with evaluations about their entire programme learning experience that will support our continued quality improvement 


Our participants are crucial to our continuous quality improvement. The regular evaluations of our entire NPQ experience help us to give you the very best learning experience, as we are able to respond quickly to any issues, and share best practice rapidly. “incisive self-evaluation which drives continuous improvement.” (Tribal 2019)

*Funding and eligibility criteria

Fully funded NPQ for Leading Teaching is available to all teachers who meet the following criteria:

  • Are employed in state-funded school in England
  • Are employed in a state-funded organisation that offer 16-19 places in England

Access to funding remains conditional on successful validation of participants’ registration information against Teaching Regulation Agency records, so you must ensure that the information supplied in your application matches your teacher record. You can check and update your record via Teaching Regulation Agency Teacher Self-Service Portal

If you have already applied for an NPQ starting November 2021 your eligibility will be automatically updated and you will be notified by the DfE of your new funding status.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility please contact us at

Course Fee

£850 for Independent schools

Applications, via the LLSE website

  • Delivery Partner: Thames Gateway Teaching School Hub
  • Cluster: Concordia